when is it?

I'm catching up, but not totally.  I can't seem to get my head wrapped around the date, the time, and the weather.  Other than that....

It's almost the end of July, which is a summer month in Ontario. Someone on the ship asked me whether we had summer in Canada in July,  Well, yes. Toronto is in a temperate climate, whatever temperate means today, as the whole world weather system is going awry.  Did you see that the Globe, our little blue marble in space, has experienced the hottest summer in its recorded history? Anyway, yes, it's warm here, delightful, really.  I swim every morning at 6 in the outdoor pool and the air is just cool enough and the water just warm enough to be perfect. Later, the days are warm/ hot, even, but the humidity is not too high.  So, yes, I accept the fact that it's summer, a lovely, bearable summer. My memory of the cruise weather is mixed: I was too cold most places on board because of the air-conditioning and carried a blanket with me most places. In my cabin I had an extra blanket for my bed and I frequently wore socks and a sweater, too.  My room-mate was too hot and scoffed at me when she saw my socks or  got angry when I said I was cold.  So I suffered (?) from aggressive AC.  On the other hand, most of the places we went ashore to see clustered around the equator, above and below, and we walked around in 98 degree Fahrenheit heat with 100% humidity. I didn't complain; it was part of the ambience and helped me to understand the people.  There was one lovely stop in New Zealand where I compared the weather to a perfect fall day in Ontario. That's coming up in September and October.  I guess by that time, I'll accept the date as well as the weather.

The date is something else.  I'm trying to catch up with a lot of events and sort-of deadlines, like Stratford, for example.  Today I will be attending my first play of this season, and also planting flowers on my husband's grave, latest ever. I always do this in early June.  I'll be driving with a friend who has helped me every year since I met her, 13 years now, I think.  She lives in my building and she is a self-appointed social worker, especially for cats - her avocation. She is one of the most thoughtful people I know.  She left me an orange when I came home because she knows I eat an orange every day, also a planter full of morning glories because I plant them every sumer to climb up trellises on my balcony - not last year because of renovations to the balcony nor this year because of my absence.  She is so good. I haven't had a chance to talk to her since I returned so today will be a catchup day with her.

I have to renew my driver's license which expired while I was gone.  I think it's a clear year but I'm not sure, clear meaning I don't have to take a test, but I'm not sure.  Have to find out and get it because I have been invited to a lake in August and I need to rent a car to get there. 

I have to go through my winter clothes, abandoned in March when it was still cold here, and   Matt's too - his whole room, actually.  He didn't miss me while I was away, and it shows.

And I still haven't written all my post-cruise notes or sent goodies, tschotschkes or mementos. My primary epistolary (love that word!) activity has been to write various markets and contacts to try to sell my wares, but no one answers their mail so I have to try again.  Time.  I need time.

 It all boils down to time, finding it and using it well.  

Whenever it is.