another pic nic

Anon, anon...

Here I am but not for long. Another pic nic today, this time without the stingrays hogging all the food. We are in Huahine, still in French Polynesia, and our excursion today will take us to another remote island beach for sun and swim and lunch.  It's a good thing I brought two bathing suits.  I swam at  6 in the ship pool but I have a dry suit for the beach outing. 

We had a land excursion yesterday:a drive around the entire island with a  guide who talked for four hours non-stop with a 15-minute break for a soda or beer (for us) in the Gaugin restaurant. He was full of  Information about everything. I  dozed through a lot of it but I learned things, too. I know more about hibiscus( hibisci?)  than I ever knew and I'm looking forward to renewing my relationship with them when I return to my potted friends and my beloved balcony.  

I'm going to leave soon. I'll have more to say when I get back.....

Just to say it was heavenly. There was an unexpected  - that is, not in the description of the excursion but welcome to those involved - stop at a snorkelling ground before we rode o to a beach for lunch. We ate at tables in the water and sat on chairs similarly situated (in other words, up to our ass in water) and dropped crumbs to the fish playing around our feet.: little ones no larger than minnows; black-finned ones that swim in  schools and several needle-nose ones - so named by a knowledgable neighbour.   They like rice. We had cooked fish and beef with vegetables and rice and more seviche made on site.  It needed more onion but it was very good.  Plus local  beer,  Hinano, I think it's called.  Our guide was a lovely, sexy, mature woman who taught us how to wrap a pareo into a dress, using several of our group as models.

Back in time for a shower and shampoo and a nap and off I go to Trivial Pursuit.  Could I be any more relaxed?