day two

This is Day Two of the last leg of our cruise, beginning in San Diego (yesterday), at sea today as we sail to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. After working so intensely on my film project, I feel as if I'm on holiday again, much more relaxed. And as it's another cruise, we have repeats of all the things Oceania offers new cruisers, starting with fire drill - last night - going on to the Captain's Party tonight (free drinks).  

Yesterday was great. A woman who liked what I said at my writing chat weeks ago (?) who lives in San Diego invited me for a personal tour of the city, along with a couple she met (or knew before, not sure) at Trivial Pursuit when she was on the ship, lis the Cruise Director's mother, on board for a few days to visit her peripatetic son and daughter-in-law. Kate, our hostess, was very generous with her time; we drove all over San Diego for about four hours, stopping at Rubio's, a famous franchise that specializes in fish tacos. Not my favourite thing but I can say that I had a famous f.t. from Rubio's now. On the other hand, San Diego is now one of my favourite cities.

It is the second largest city in California and the eighth largest city in the United States. According to Forbes magazine, San Diego was the fifth wealthiest city in the United States in 20054, and the 9th safest city in the top 10 its of safest cities in the 2010.  Our hostess attested to that.  It has a naval base,  lively artistic and cultural activity, an esteemed university, and a lot of research centres.  Awesome.  Our Canadian director, Des McAnuff, recently attached to the Stratford Festival, was a.d. of La Jolla theatre, where he directed a production of Jersey Boys that is still making the rounds. 

I'm going to the Captain's party now.