more food?

Sea Days are over for a few days. I went on an excursion this morning, an easy, short one. I'm in Hilo, Hawaii and took a "panoramic" tour.  Hilo is lovely and a living green lesson as to what to do after a tsunami.  Two, actually, in 1946 and in 1960.  The first time, apparently, the era was swept clear of houses and schools, etc. and was built up again. The second time when the same region was devastated, the land has been allowed to remain without buildings and the whole area now is beautiful parkland.  I took some pictures and I'll see what I can do with them.  I'm sill not a camera buff.  

I also took a picture of Rainbow Falls. I love waterfalls.  And also, since I was there, I tried to capture the King Kamehameha Statue.  I'll try to send that along, too. 

But not now.  I'm working on my screenplay project and I have to do some more thinking. Thinking takes a lot of time. I haven't forgotten I promised I'd tell you about the food.  Soon.