busy busea

You have to admire these people and the arrangements they make to keep people occupied, distracted, entertained, busy and happy, especially on Sea Days, and there's something to suit all tastes.  I walked into Horizons Lounge the other morning and saw all these women bent over their iPhones but they aren't iPhones, they were needlepoint kits.  Each little project comes packaged, form (a glasses case, a change purse a scissors holder, a make-up purse) with a  design on the cover and the necessary coloured thread to sew into it.  One woman claims she has made 60 and counting.  She has a stocking stuffer for each member of her family and now she's working on her church bazaar. 

Elsewhere, travellers are making greeting cards or postcards or origami thingummies.  Every morning I go to Sit-and-Be-Fit and it's remarkable how many exercises one can perform while sitting in a chair and flexing the abdominal muscles. That's just half an hour on Sea Days only ; Land Days we're all out on early excursions.  There are Bridge lessons and Mahjong lessons and a hugely attended Art class taught by bona fide artists (third one so far, during my long sojourn on they ship). Guest chefs pop in for a cruise (present one from French Polynesia to Hawaii) and give cooking demonstrations at which the attendees line up like homeless people sat a soup kitchen to get a free taste of the goodies.  Failing that, they can get specialties in the Grand Dining Room, with the new items listed in bold face.  I plan to have one tonight, something special he does with halibut. Last night it was Salmon Napoleon that I plan to make for my son John when I get home, because the chef gives out the recipes for his demo items.  

And I haven't mentioned the Fitness Centre or the Canyon Ranch Spa.  In addition to selling fabulous (expensive) services, they offer counsel on how to improve or feel better.  If you want to stay physical, there's ping pong and shuffleboard, and dancing at night after the show - I'm never up late enough for that. 

Two Trivial Pursuit games a day, afternoon and evening, provide a different kind of workout. I just hope I'll remember everything I've forgotten and retrieved.  

And here I am, trying to work, doing quite well, except for today,  There's a lecture I want to hear at 11 a.m., and this afternoon I'm signed up for another Wine-Tasting, which is why I'm writing my blog now.  

Anon, anon...