busy sea days

Life on board a ship at sea resembles a very organized summer camp.  I have never actually experienced it, but the movie Dirty Dancing has given me a glimpse: charades in the West Hall, dance lessons, wig modelling, and so on.  I remember saying in jest before I left that I didn't intend to take macrame or ballroom dancing and i wasn't far off. However, I over-estimated my own impervious (arrogant?) attitude.  While I have avoided napkin-folding (really!), and origami creating and line-dancing, I have succumbed to Trivial Pursuit, as you know, not to mention "Sit-to-Be-Fit".  This is a half-hour workout, on Sea  Days only, with amazing exercises all done sitting on a chair. Enrichment Lectures vary in quality but a charming, amusing, erudite man has been giving talks about the early discovery, exploration and history of the southern hemisphere that leave one wanting more.  This afternoon we will attend and cheer the launching and testing of home-made ships in the swimming pool following a frenzied five-day creation process by teams of no more than six. (I said NO - amazing how that works!)  

With the guest roster almost at full capacity, it becomes harder to find quiet places to hide. I love the library but it can be very cold, especially early in the morning.  For the last week or so I have been coming to Barista's, the coffee bar and lounge outside the Grand Dining Room.  It's very quiet at 5 in the morning and warm enough. Soon someone will make me a cup of English Breakfast tea, and after that, Marco, the day bartender will make me a weak Americano (weak as requested: diluted espresso). All this will change as soon as I can go outside on the pool deck and swim at 6.