Oh my, it's three days since I last entered a blog. To say I've been busy is a given, but so has the internet on the ship.  A computer guru (Oceania@Sea - not a call, but the sign on his "office", next to the Spa, on Deck 9), a very serious man, as well might be, for the computer illiterates he  has to deal with, including me, keeps specified hours when he is available for consultation.  We all seem to consult a lot, and that takes time.  You don't have to know this; it's just one of the many myriad tasks (!) I have to cope with each day. Today we are at sea and I will try to get caught up. 

But you might as well know some of my other distractions. I reported already that I enjoyed the spa for some minor repair jobs.  Well, they hooked me.  I've had two-count'em-two Hot Stone Massages during which a young woman called Amila melted my bones and rearranged them. Lovely.  At great expense, I might add. I don't usually spend much money on myself, my physical self. This is sheer self-indulgence, part of the vacation mode. Part of the package is the advice one receives on how to improve, I mean, be better.  I remember a line from  Jean Kerr's play, "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" (also a movie), reporting a a make-over at Elizabeth Arden , commented that the aestheticians treat their work as if it were the cure for cancer: "Thank heaven you came in time!"  The spa people don't think that's funny.

I, who said I wasn't going to be sucked into macramé or ballroom dancing, thinking I was being satirical, have been going to Trivial Pursuit games twice a day, once in the afternoon after Teatime (another indulgence) and between dinner and the evening entertainment.  The winning teams number no more than eight and as few as two (two people denied my request to join them one afternoon, a husband-and-wife-team who are,  admittedly, awesome). The membership is amorphous and varied but fairly consistent.  Each team member gets points if the team wins and these are apparently tokens for a prize at the end of the voyage. Last night our team got all 15 questions.  Wow.  I don't know why it's fun, but it is.  Also time-consuming.

So you see.