here we go again

Sea Day yesterday was productive. My foot is fine as long as I don't stand or walk on it,  so yesterday was good for it.  I copied and pasted all my blogs thus far into a folder that I transferred to an external hard drive, and did the same for all the comments I have received. So they are doubly safe. I know, iCloud and Dropbox are backups, too, but my computer has been nagging me to backup, so I did.  

Hence no blog yesterday. 

I do get to Trivial Pursuit every day and am collecting a bunch of cards that can be cashed in at the end of the cruise for Prizes! I am also learning how much I don't know. Very humbling.  I never aspired to be a polymath, anyway.  I wonder if it is possible now with the vast range and depth of knowledge in any field required to be even competent. I know that all I'll ever be is trivially informed about my small area of expertise.  I hesitate to use the word .  Remember that song, "I know a little bit about a lot of things/But I don't know enough about you"?  

SOW, I attended my second wine-tasting "module" yesterday. That's what it's called, Module.

That was number three but I missed the first one.  I have signed up for number Four, due in another few days - a Sea Day, of course. The sessions are increasingly expensive as the wines we savour increase in price.  I'm learning and enjoying them but I'll never be anything close to expert.

The weather has become....

Sorry, I had to leave off because it's ANZAC Day and I had to swim and wash my hair before the service (I guess you could call it that), at 7:30.  Now I've had breakfast and I don't leave on a "Jeepney Ride" tour of Manila until 10 a.m.  The ANZAC observation was dignified and informative and touching.  The Cruise Director, Andy Heath, and his assistant, Tammy, who happens to be his wife, handled it beautifully, with nice quotations from Martin Luther King, Junior, John McRae (the poet of "In Flanders Fields"), plus a couple of touching epitaphs.  A trumpeter from the Insignia orchestra made a brave stab at The Last Post and Reveille, the sweeter because of his tremolos. 

So here we are again. This day will zip by so I waned to get my blog in before it does.