Today is the big day: the Wall.  Oceania is good to its staff. A group of them went to the wall yesterday and another group is going today, We'll probably see them there. I do hope it's not too crowded. It's a World Heritage Sight, as you know, and a mecca for tourists. Last time i was here, in 1996, the crowds - dare I say Hordes? - daunted me so, I was afraid of being trampled under foot so I came down. It was February and I don't remember what I wore but I now I wasn't too cold or too hot.  Today, after several days of cold everyone is wondering what to wear. A number of people (women) are wishing they had brought warmer clothes. I know, I know, I'm from Canada and  cold is a relative term but I have been cold most days in the aggressively air-conditioned rooms on this ship, including my stateroom because my room-mate likes it cold. (Lesley Towers, you should be here!) Today, surprisingly, the forecast is for 85degrees Fahrenheit. But it could be cold and windy up on the wall.  We'll see.

We've had room service deliver breakfast because we must gather to board the bus (long ride) at 7:45 a.m.  I will report tonight or tomorrow, depending.  Depending on how I feel.  My foot is pretty good; I have a tensor sleeve on it and I'm taking my cane and I am a young thing

Anon, anon.