Two weeks from tomorrow morning I get on a plane for Hong Kong, there to join my room-mate, whom I have never met, to fly with her to Singapore.  The weather this week in Singapore is about 32 degrees Celsius.  I'm going to pack my extra luggage this weekend, to be picked up and shipped to my shipboard cabin. I'll send my clothes ahead. I'm taking my papers and projected work with me in my carry-on.  I'd sooner lose clothes than my papers and thoughts.  They're  not deathless but they're mine. They're not even irreplaceable, but they're mine. I will take one good outfit with me because as near as I can figure out the time, I will be going to high tea at Raffles Hotel in Singapore before I reach my clothes.  I have a date with Somerset Maugham and Noel Coward and I wouldn't want to be turned away for lack of a decent appearance. 

It's finally going to happen. Well, as they say, I won't hold my breath, but I am getting breathless. 

This will be the beginning of my travelblog.  Wow.