good morning Vietnam

It's Monday morning, still last night at home. I'm going on a general sight-seeing excursion this afternoon and despite the 91 degree weather, ladies are warned to cover their knees and shoulders. I never wear shorts, brought only one pair of cropped pants, happy to wear skirts - much airier.  It was "rough" last night for this ship, and the result was a gentle cradle-rocking which made me go back to sleep at 5:30 instead of getting up.  So I didn't swim until 7:30. Perhaps I am becoming undisciplined. I may be a mess by the time I get home.  SOW, I had my bangs trimmed and my eyebrows waxed and I'll send you a selfie if I can manage it. I never heard of eyebrow waxing until my granddaughters introduced me.  This is a first time for me. 

Hardly the subject of a travelblog but the ship provides spa treatments (Canyon Ranch) so it's part of my vacation experience.  Canyon Ranch also suggests a healthy lifestyle menu for dinner every night and it's delicious and not too filling.  I bought my very own wine cellar, and each of my 7 bottles has my cabin number on it for the sommelier to take care of.  I asked him not to let me have more than two glasses a night, though I try to limit myself to one. I included a bottle of champagne in case my publisher decides in its infinite wisdom to publish my book on aging.  After pussy-footing around for two months,  they have turned it over to a few more readers and  they will make their decision in April. I'm not holding my breath. If no celebration is warranted, I'll hold the bottle until Canada Day.

I have a project I'm going to begin soon, when we get to 3 days' sailing time for a decent assault.  I did some homework on it during the weeks I waited for this cruise to happen, so it won't be a standing start. In the meantime, there is the blog.  

It never occurred to me that I would ever go to Vietnam. I'll tell you more after my swift tour. Anon, anon....