if at first you don't succeed

I have tried about three times today to send a blog into the air or ether or cyberspace or wherever it goes, but not an ordinary message.  I was trying to send a photograph. It's no big deal, I mean the picture, just a badly focussed shot of the morning glories on my balcony summer before last. (Last summer I didn't have a balcony because the exterior of the building was being renovated.)  Obviously I didn't succeed. I got so far and then got stuck. I can usually follow directions but computer directions leave me stuck.  So - no blog. I'll think about that tomorrow.

Yesterday I packed my advance bag and this morning I repacked it before it left me. I tried on more clothes and figured out what to wear between when I leave Toronto on the 20th of March and when I board the ship on the 23rd and catch up with the luggage that left today.  In that time slot, remember, I'm having High Tea in the Tiffin Room at Raffles Hotel. Who knows, I might even progress to a Singapore Sling in the Long Bar. So I have to know what I'm wearing.

I'm going to wear old lady clothes, pretty much, because t hey are more conducive to comfortable arrangements for peeing. (I've been to China before and I remember.) 

Now before I get too explicit, I have to sign off - I have 2% power left. Anon, anon.