a sea of paper

Paper paper everywhere and not a chance to think.  I'm going through all the Cruise Connections papers because the trip may be about to happen, at last. I received the new travel document today, a catalogue of the truncated tour and its excursions. I have a pile of paper connected with it, including all my shots and pills and preparation and a whole file on what to pack. I must simplify and pare down and be ready to focus on each day as it comes.  A blog is very good for that.  It should be like a sundial, I think, counting only the sunny  hours. Is that possible?  

Well, I love paper in most of its forms but not this disparate heap of noodges, directions, information, instructions and reminders.  My brain feels quite mushy from all the handling and decision-making. I'm trying to finish everything so I can go lightly. 

It feels, in a way, as if I'm preparing to step off the edge of the earth. We'll see.