Oy, it never stops, the pressure to keep going. Today was lovely, and I did a lot, but I didn't write my blog. This evening I watched the Oscars with Bill.  It's a standing date I keep with my late husband, for 42 ears now. I served champagne and smoked salmon, baked Brie cheese, fresh raspberries and chocolate and we had a party.

I still have a few minutes  before the date changes. I'm thinking ahead to my truncated cruise, still three months worth of discoveries.  I must keep a record of it, that's why I started this blog in the first place. I mustn't be too tired or too busy to report. 

I learned something I didn't know: Dakota Johnson is Melanie Griffith's daughter. I think I got her name right. I hadn't paid any attention because I refuse to watch Shades of Grey, the film, or read any of the books.  I suppose you don't remember The Story of O. It's an account of female masochistic sexual submission. We don't need that. We don't need Grey.  

Oops, it's 4 minutes after 12. So it's tomorrow already.  Well, I'll write another one today.