when is a blog not a blog?

When it's a Twitter.

  I used to have a radio spot, 90 seconds of a thought for the day, with a word count of about 900 words.  Then I started a blog that can be of any length but seems to work out to about 500 words with meaty exceptions. And now I have a Twitter presence, limited to 140 characters - that means, spaces and punctuation and not just words with letters.  You know that.  Anyway, you can see how my mind is shrinking.  

Well, maybe not shrinking.  Maybe I'm getting pithy. (Love that word.)  Remember? - well you weren't there, but you've read about it - remember when someone asked Jesus what was the basic rule/commandment and he reduced the ten to one.  Like, basic. I'm sure you know it so I won't insult you by quoting it - OR - you can look it up if you don't.

So I'll work backwards or maybe forward?  I'll reduce a blog to a pithy (note word) Tweet and then direct the Follower to my blog.  I wonder if that will work?

A note of thanks must go to my talented, gifted, prolific grandson, William Wolfe-Wylie (@wolfe-wylie). I wonder if there are any other family acts like ours.