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I lost it on Sunday.  I, who haven’t cried for years, who thought I had cried all my tears, began to weep, then to cry, then to sob. My daughter held me with my head on her shoulder, and that did it. Istarted to shake and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to stop. I did, though. Stop. I mean, I am a mature (old) woman, not given to emotional outbursts.

I guess the simplest way to explain my meltdown is to say that I still and always miss my husband, yes, even after 43years.  I became too vulnerable with the combination of Christmas carols, the presence of my daughter and her family (I wish that she lived closer),  and, at church, the finale of that current YouTube flash mob concert going round. (Check it out.)  So I lost it.

I’m back, though, and home again, too, landing in Toronto ahead of the storm that closed Billy Bishop Airport late this afternoon, back to my lethargy and inertia.  I’ll be better when I get  back into the pool tomorrow morning.