here we are

Happy Everything Everybody.  Matt and I flew to Boston this morning and here we are, basking in the love and noise and give-and-take and friendly chat of a loving family.  Heaven!   I've been tired and driven and nasty and put-upon so I need this therapy.

Not very enlightening.  But I brought my Little Mac with me so I could keep in touch. Little did I think that I would ever be so dependent on an electronic secretary. I just wish she wouldn't spell for me, deciding what I mean, putting words in my mouth - hard drive?  

I just received another rejection for my book on aging, not a welcome Christmas present. I have to think what to do next. Short of peddling sex tips or dressing up a monkey or doing something (auto-spell just changed that to soothing) something strange with a cat,  how does one go viral? 

Do you have any suggestions?  E-books, I guess.