watch out for that...CRASH!

When my children were little I had a very active imagination and exquisite timing.  I could gauge exactly when an overactive child in a stroller was toppling and snap a protective hand in time to catch a falling head. I turned the handles of hot pots inward on the stove so that a stretching hand would not spill boiling liquid over a delicate head.  I learned, too, by experience.  My third child, first boy, was indomitable, thank goodness, 

CRASHED AGAIN - Safari, not me. Just when I thought we were all better.

I was remembering accidents I prevented my children from having when they were little because of my over-active imagination and my exquisite sense of timing.  Now, I am applying that same prescient care to myself, still preventing accidents that are about to happen. 

It led me to memories that have been wiped away by Safari.  It's okay. I still remember.

You be careful.