stop me if you've heard this

I can remember writing this but I think this is one of my deathless messages that was killed. Story of an aging woman who was advised to get more exercise for the sake of her health. So she started to climb the stairs in the apartment building where she lived on the 17th floor. She began with one flight and took the elevator the rest of  the way, adding more flights as she could handle them.  In time she was walking up the 17 flights without a pause and without puffing.

When she was 75 she had a thorough-going test and was told she had the body of a 25-year-old. She was very dismayed. 

"i don't want the life expectancy of a 25-year-old," she said. "All my friends are on walkers, in homes, or dead. I'm lonely!"

I was talking to a friend of mine in Winnipeg, catching up on the news from my home-town. It seems as if she and I are the only ones who are still upright.

Hang in there.