ai me

Ai  me

So after being destroyed, no, erased,  by Safari yesterday, I tried Firefox but they think I was just trying to read my blogs, not write a new one.  When I encounter a logical, unfeeling, technical mind in computerese I go to pieces. .  But I’ll try Word and a cut-and-paste. You may never get this.  Is it worth it?

            I’ve already encountered other difficulties this morning- Sunday morning at 8:14 a.m. – too early for frustration and incomprehension (on whose part?).

             As some of you may know, who still read newspapers, specifically The Globe and Mail,  I had a piece in the regular column Dispatch (December First) on retirement cruising .  One gets paid after publication so I was instructed to register with a company that looks after that.  It took a few days to get a notice, then it took me a few days to get to it (I do have other work to do), and they(it) wrote again reminding me.  So this morning I responded, and ran into a question I couldn’t answer. Like, I don’t have a company. I’m just me, not incorporated or limited (well, I am limited, but not like that). Then I couldn’t find a place to enter my GST number (Writers have to be tax collectors for the government).

            So I asked for help. And I have received a notice telling me they/it received my quest for assistance.  Maybe it doesn’t work on Sunday. Wait for it.

            My big question, that I didn’t ask, is: will I get paid in this fiscal year?

Ai me.

            You don’t want to read this. But if anyone out there – you out there – has any advice for a computer-illiterate writer, I’d like to have a comment, a helpful comment, please.

            Perhaps I am not meant to be doing this. Is Someone Out There (not you) trying to tell me something?