my Christmas generic

This is my one-size-fits-all Christmas generic letter, that still goes out to more snail-mail recipients than the more technically literate. Some of you will have seen it. Bear with me.

Christmas Letter, 2015


Are you still there?  Me, too.  The reason seasonal cards, letters and Jacquie Lawson are still filling the air/ether/space is that those of us who have survived another year have to let it be known that we are, in fact, still alive.

Alive and kicking. Well, maybe not kicking but perhaps complaining a bit.  Years ago I cut out a cartoon from the New Yorker, showing a sour-faced old woman jabbing viciously at a sampler.[1] Behind her on the wall are several finished pieces with clearly stitched sentiments:

Ø The food is terrible

Ø My feet hurt

Ø The children don’t call

So what have you got to complain about? Let’s not, not this month.  We’ve made it through another year.  I had a pretty good one. I sailed around the world, well, not the whole world but a lot of the southern hemisphere. I learned a lot and met some interesting people.

My health is good, though my energy levels are not what they were.  I still have my wits about me, though it is getting harder to convince people of that. I think I’m good to go on a while longer, though I know I could be wrong about that. God knows and He hasn’t told me yet.

So…have a good one, for as long as it lasts.





1.     Sampler (needlework), a handstitched piece of embroidery used to demonstrate skill in needlework