The meteorologist on the television news tonight reported that this has been one of the warmest Novembers on record. Certainly, it was the sunniest.  I suffer from SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – and it keeps getting worse as we slouch toward the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice when, according to how far north you live, you - - not you, I – yearn for light.  It wasn’t too bad this year because there were so many sunny days.  Even as good as it was, by early evening I get antsy because it’s so dark and I think I’m late for something, not sure what.

            After the solstice, and when we enter the New Year, the minuscule lengthening of each day in January changes my perspective and I lighten up too. Oh dear, if I go on (and on and on, Safari willing) with this blog, you are going to know all my secrets, well, not secrets exactly, but foibles. As a few of you know, the precious few who read my blog, you know that I have been less voluble in the past week or so than is my wont. That’s because Safari has been cutting me off and erasing what I’ve written.  So I started writing in Word and transferring but even then I had trouble. I have a lot of writing to do these days, even more than usual, so other media have had my attention.

Oh, and I joined Twitter, thanks to a technologically advanced granddaughter.  One hundred and forty characters constitute a very brief blog. Years ago I had a radio “show”, if you can all it that, comprising 900 words, or a minute and a half, a thought for the day that I titled “Happy Homilies”, coming from your Big Sponsor in the Sky, aka the United Church of Canada. I used to write about two dozen of them and go into a studio and record them, allowing for ones that didn’t work, three weeks’ worth (15) at a time.  My producer preferred that I record in the afternoon. Then as now I swam every morning and he said my pipes gurgled too much if I tried to sustain level speech too soon after swimming. 

I used to say I had developed a 900-word mind. Now, I have to work toward a 140-character mind.  My blog is somewhere between. 

When it’s there.