when is now?

I am so mixed up.  What with scrambling my brains working on this screenplay (well, the synopsis and treatment so far), and watching baseball at night, I forgot it was the World Series I was watching. I asked Siri this morning when the Series starts, and she/it told me that the KC Royals won the Series last night.  I knew that. I stayed awake through the extra innings. I tried to leave it but I couldn't.  Even so, I was in the pool at six. I have a lot to do and it's pushing me.

I used to think I'd be at leisure by the time I was 80, able to pursue dreams I had never realized.  Well, I'm not fast enough to pursue anything in the hope of catching it, but I also don't have any leisure. Oh yes I do.  I remind myself what a good life I am having and don't forget it. Much of what I do is my choice, like watching baseball till all hours. And even though I'm working hard, I still find time to read - as I pedal, every afternoon, as I eat breakfast, every morning (different books), and as I relax with my iPadMini, in the afternoon, with a high-class bodice ripper (The Outlander). I know I am not hard done by and I am not complaining.   

I read somewhere that people are living so much longer now that it's like adding five hours a day to their life span.  I've already lived longer and where are those five hours?  I could use them right now.

More anon - like tomorrow.