tomorrow is another day

-and it's a good thing because there's no time left today.  I  had to do my Icelandic homework for my class tonight. And I had to Express Post some important documents as part of a submission for a grant I'm applying for. And I had an appointment for my annual medical checkup. And I put in an order for groceries (to be delivered- no car, more than I can push in a cart). And there goes the day, with time intelligently spent but nothing  accomplished. 

Isn't it amazing? I've been thinking all day; the inner dialogue never stops. This morning I was trying to remember the married name of a writer friend of mine and I read her obituary this afternoon in the Writers' Union newsletter. Do you have any theories about this?  

About my vagrant blog yesterday, it was about recipes and cooking and whether or not you cut the gills off a portobello mushroom, and other such considerations.  I'll get back to it one day.