happy day

I told Twitter that I like Friday-the-13th because we had two birthdays on the 13th of a month: my late husband's and my daughter Kate's. So I considered it a lucky date. I found some nice words you'll never use but might like to know about the thirteenth.

"The word for fear of Friday the 13th is "paraskavedekatriaphobia." The word for fear of the number 13 is "triskaidekaphobia." Located near Philadelphia is the Friggatriskaidekaphobia Treatment Center, an organization that hosts parties centered on confronting common phobias like walking under a ladder and opening an umbrella indoors."

I found that online under 13 Fun Facts about Friday the Thirteenth.  (Who does those things?  What is their job description?)

I'm not doing well today, though, a bit jumpy and restless. If I do better,I'll try again. Perhaps it's a good time to write my generic. (one size fits all)