here I am

And I guess I have a lot to explain and a lot to say.  

I left it at that while I made and ate my dinner, and I received one "like" in my absence.  Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead?

Anyway, things happened over the weekend.  First, I should explain why I was sort of down in my last blog (November 5).  I had just received a second rejection of my book, ENDINGS, telling me in effect, that I'm too old to write a book about aging!  I have no  media presence. It's true: I've been around too long to be around any more. I've said it before: I've lost my family, friends, furniture, doctors and agents.  Most of them have retired or died. I've also said it before, that I feel like a duck in a shooting gallery with all the ducks around me being shot down. So , yes,  I was discouraged.  Well, then, the reason I was too busy to blog: my daughter and her oldest daughter came for a visit and I was very (happily) busy with them.  

And they with me.  My granddaughter listened to the story of my invisibility and set about to set me  up with TWITTER.  I find it ironic, actually, that I have to try to establish a presence with people who I am sure are so much younger than I am that they do not comprise an audience for my aging memoir. Well, thank you, Janice, we'll see how it goes.  Even with your help, I had to get my computer guru to help me get established.  My son used to say I was computer illiterate and I still am.  But I get along with a little help from my friends. 

Down and up. What next?  It's called being tired.  I cleaned up and tidied  and changed and washed the sheets and towels and made soup and caught up with email. Lots of thing to follow up on. So this morning I made a master list of things I have to do, and when I finished that, I had a nap. Only thing to do.  You have to allow for my age and my laziness. 

But I'm here.