did you miss me?

I did too, missed me, I mean.  I lost my provider on Friday, for all three of my communicants; I have a Desktop and a small MacBookAire laptop, and an iPadMini) and was thus silenced for the weekend. Monday I called Rogers - a last resort - and it wasn't even penultimate.  The so-called helper had me reboot my Modem and my Motorola thing and when that didn't work he tried to sell me a new router. So today I spoke to the building manager and he gave me the number of the guru who is in charge of a newly introduced WiFi system for the building. I don't know why I was able to function when I returned from my cruise, but the new system has finally caught up with me.  The techie gave me really complicated passwords (he called them keys), one for my laptop and one for my iPad, i.e. my handheld devices, but nothing for the Desktop.  I had to fiddle with the iPad for a while l and I'm not sure how it finally caught on.  Maybe it was after I gave up and poked around Little Mac - my affectionate name for the Aire; the Desktop is Big Mac; the iPad is Minnie. I know: it's a bit anthropomorphic but I'm told that people are relating to their humanoid robots so much that they are being warned not to try to have sex with them.  Anyway, here I am. It's not quite as simple as it was for me to step in and write my blog but I'm here and that's what counts.  

I've thought of at least six blog ideas, but they, too, are gone.  I've been thinking and working hard, including a good session with my partner, beginning to focus sharply on the screenplay I am writing based on her book based on the book she discovered about the event we're writing about plus all kinds of her own first-hand research. If that sounds too derivative, it won't be.  

I don't know what I'm going to do about Rogers and Big Mac.  I can't afford a divorced. I have two email addresses but the Rogers one is my primary business contact.  I'll think about that tomorrow. In the meantime, there you are, my precious blog. Did you miss me?