happy thanksgiving

I ate too much. Although it was not a very traditional dinner; potluck never is, even organized potluck.  I worked on that pumpkin soup, my contribution (requested) to the feast.  It was too bland,  I cooked a bunch of squash in the soup and puréed it. Then I added a can of coconut milk, several splashes of maple syrup and I grated nutmeg into it (I still have my grandmother's nutmeg grater and I cherish it).  Blended and heated, it tasted okay.  I had tasted too much so I didn't have any when I took it to the dinner.  The most interesting item on the menu was a salad with slivers of raw brussels sprouts in it.  I have to get the recipe.

I helped to clean up after the first course and left to see the rest of the Blue Jays game. We live to play another day, and so do I.

I did a lot of paper work today, too, and tried to catch up before a weird week coming up. Ah, the School of Life: there's a new test every day, and this week will be no exception. Anon, anon.