sweet william

I've already written this, but SAVE doesn't seem to mean the same thing to Squarespace that it does to me. So I'll write again, in praise of my polymath grandson, William.

 I've written about Wiiliam before,  how awesome he is and here is another proof.  He reads my blogs (can you believe it?) and he responded to a recent one in which I was complaining of a pain in stiff muscles from having indulged myself in a Blue Bloods Marathon, sitting in a bad chair in front of the bedroom television because the living room set was showing only talking lips and headless bodies. He not only sympathized but suggested a practical solution, that he come and take a look at the weird picture.  He did and he did - not only looked at it but fixed it, and adjusted the sound while he was at it.  Amazing!

I am not quite computer-illiterate, but almost.  I am so grateful (and awestruck) that this young man has mastered such computer skills, and that he helps  his grandmother.  Wow!