out of the past

I'm not really ready to write this but there are only two and a half hours left of this day so I will try.

I met, by prearrangement, a friend whom I last saw on 9/11, 2001 - really. As you can see, the date was not hard to remember. Where were you that day? He didn't know I was coming so he took a moment to focus on this grinning old woman obviously waiting for him to say something. He recovered beautifully and what's more, he recognized me.  At my age such a reunion doesn't happen very often. I've said before that I feel like a duck in a shooting gallery with all the ducks around me being picked off, one by one.  This particular duck is younger than I (everyone is), and much better looking. He has a new (to me) Significant Other; it was she who arranged our meeting. I told you, he's younger than I.  I'm past all that and relieved, if anything. Men are very time-consuming.  

So: how do you fill in fourteen years in a two-hour conversation?  The fill-in was not as much fun as the memories of the  years before the last one. Some of them were, of course, identical, or similar, but others acted as catalysts or corollaries to our personal data.  Amazing! 

Yes, amazing, and I have not yet assimilated it.  I'll sleep on it, see what happens.  It was  a wonderful day, and that's my blog for today.