here we are

Rogers cut me off for three days, completely,  so I was incommunicado. I won't go into the detail I wrote into my whining Word piece -  I actually wrote a blog on Word, intending to slip it into cobwebblog when I was back online but that document has disappeared.  Just as well.  I wasn't happy. Isn't it terrible how dependent we are now on that cable?  I took the time to read a lot and that was a blessing.  Two books, both recommended:

ALLTHE LIGHT WE CANNOT SEE by Anthony Doerr.  According to booksellers it's this year's Goldfinch, a runaway best-seller.  I won't say anything about it, just that it's a page-turner and beautifully written.

STONER by John Williams.  Actually published in 1965, it has flown under the radar till recently.  It began to surface some time last spring. I read a few catchup reviews and I finally caught up with it.  I bought both books with book gift coupons. This one is a classic novel, a quiet, clear story that could be depressing but somehow isn't. 

As a writer I feel obligated to buy other writers' books rather than borrow them.  They need the money. (So do I.)  What have you been doing?