This has been an odd, ragtag day.  Monday is usually good. I start with a plan and try to allocate my time, but as the morning went on I started to get jumpy.  Too many things to do, and I met obstacles. I have to get only 3 Visas for the big trip I'm going on; the cruise company will get the rest.  So I begin by not getting online. My desktop was  not on.  So I moved over to my laptop -online - and started work, finishing my chapter on Forgetting.  Finished and printed, and then I thought of a couple more things to say. By that time I had gone on to the next one on Comforting so my pagination is going to be wrong when I add stuff.  Later. 

Finally on line with the desk top and I pulled up the form to apply for the Visas, and it/they didn't have a province list for me to choose from.  So I couldn't move on. I tried the phone number I was given but the person who answered spoke French only, with a bad accent, or I would have tried. Try later.

I'm going to Stratford again on Wednesday, the last time this season, and I will have seen EVERY ONE of the season. (Very time-consuming.)  So I'm going to make crab wraps for a picnic - I checked the weather and it will be okay. I needed to buy crab meat (I buy pollock disguised as crab meat - cheaper, but good), and I was about to go to the store when a man came to restore the compressors (if that's what they're called) for my AC units that have been non-functioning all summer long as part of the balcony disaster project. So no store.  I ordered early from Gateway Grocery (I love them; they carry for me!) for delivery tomorrow morning so I can make the crab wraps in time for the picnic Wednesday.  The AC remote was breathing hard and I had new batteries but we (the AC man and I) couldn't figure out how to get the thing open to replace the batteries.  Later. 

My challenged son needs a will with a Henson Trust, that will allow him to have money (like from me, if there's any left, when I die), and I've been trying to arrange a meeting with the lawyer but we have been delayed and put off several times and it happened again this week.  Later.

I wrote my blog late last night and I knew it needed checking but I went to bed instead and corrected it this morning.  So then I didn't feel like writing a blog for today's date until later. Like now. Here I am. Nothing accomplished.

Maybe later.