finders no keepers

I am astonished to report that I found two things I thought were gone forever, very important items. One: over a month ago I lost my wallet in a subway station, just before the August long weekend, so Lost and Found was closed and after that I was obscenely busy, so I cancelled everything and got new cards and new numbers and faced the slow job of telling all my creditors my new numbers.  Yesterday I was in the Bay subway station where the L&F is located and thought I might just inquire, doubting all the while, and LO!  it was there, intact, everything accounted for.  

Two: this week I lost my passport, even worse. I left it under the lid of a photocopier at Staples.  I missed it immediately and phoned and it was there and I went the next day (yesterday) and got it back.  Not in my defence, but to show that I'm not the only one, the manager told me they average 4 passports a week left by people like me who leave it  under the lid of the copier. Beware. Be careful.

I just want to say that I am so relieved and pleased that people, most people, are still honest.  And grateful. Me, I mean, not them; I'm the grateful one.    Thank you!

That's worth a blog, isn't it?