Have you found that you are spending a lot of time on apps? I mean a lot.  And then there are Facebook, YouTube, Tweeter, not to mention Pinterest, Instagram, and #whatever.  Not to mention your personal interests, banking, special shopping contacts. ( I just added a Poem-a-Day - love it.)  I've resisted most of them, except as necessary, but I'll tell you a big one I added this summer - don't laugh: Weight Watchers.  It takes  lot of time but it saves time, too.  It does all my adding and figuring for me and as long as I enter my  consumption honestly, It tells me the truth.  

I'm not doing well this week.  

I wasn't going to tell you that.  I just wanted to comment on how time-consuming all these useful  extraneous services are, not to to mention online shopping.  Enough,  already.