I'm having a very bad time with several stressful things, so I'm not going to talk about  them. Instead, I'll talk about food . I had some leftover, lightly steamed broccoli and you know I hate to throw away food, so I made a broccoli-apple salad.  The nice thing about cooking with leftovers is that you never have to measure anything, you just taste it till it seems right.   So - take some cut up broccoli, and if it's too big and you  have a little Cuisinart chopper/grinder, you could give it a whirl. Chop up  a seeded, but not peeled, apple and add to the broccoli in a bowl large enough to accommodate  some other things as they occur or appeal to you, beginning with a little red onion ((I heated it a bit in the microwave so it wouldn't be too strong). So then I dumped in some raisins and walnuts (chopped a bit), and some apple cider vinegar.  It seemed a little too acid so I stirred in some liquid (melted) honey and then some low-fat mayo and then  tasted it again.  It was okay, but too much for me, so I took a  bowl of it to my  next-door neighbour and he invited me in for a glass of white wine and we had a talk and I told him about my stress.  So you see.  Good leftovers make good neighbours.

And reduce stress.