time time time

The internet is so alluring, so easy, so accessible, how can I resist it?  And how on earth (?) can people spare the time for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or whatever? The wonders and knowledge of the world are at one's fingertips, but oh, how time-consuming it all is.  Every day, but more on Sundays, I come across names, book titles, URLs, intriguing ideas I want to follow up on,  and I do. I have all these scraps of paper I scribble on  to lead me to clarification and enlightenment.  

Ai me.

I won't burden you with leads to knowledge you may not want. You have your own agenda and desires.  Go to it.  I do not mean to complain.  Like  you, all my life i have wondered about so many things, things peripheral to my life but that I wanted to know more about. And now it's possible. The trouble is that the things I want to know more about keep on increasing in number and complication.  I am happy but distracted. 

I'll let you know what I learn this week.

Oh, BTW...

Happy Labour Day.