here I am...

 - again.

I have just finished yesterday's assignment and I must continue in a different vein for today's blog. What's new today?  I have already described my reaction to the chamber production of Dream, but there's more to it.  I took note of one particular phrase while I was listening and looked it up yesterday morning.  It's from Quince's Prologue. The entire speech is  profoundly funny with its lofty repetition.  The line is ..."a true beginning to our end."  I perked up first because my book Beginnings continues to influence my current writing.  I'm changing the working title of my book on aging to ENDING, but it may be more than the working, temporary handle. 

End, of course, has a double meaning.  End, not finish, but end as in goal.  Ay, there's the rub. Not finished yet. 

Have to work on that.