The nicest thing about not writing a letter is not being disappointed when you don't get a reply because you didn't write in the first place and therefore didn't expect one.  Once you've written, all hope is gone and you are disappointed and disillusioned and frustrated every day, but not if you didn't write.

Why  don't people answer their mail? It doesn't have to be genuine mail with paper and an envelope and a stamp. People are very good at ignoring e-mail too.  Perhaps their fingers are weak from playing Angry Birds so they are incapable of pushing SEND. 

I get these great ideas for markets and contacts for my work and as long as they remain on my to-do lists, I live in hope.  I am not by nature cynical but little by little the acid is dropping into my soul and I am getting very bitter. 

Even my jaunty, friendly style becomes eroded into sarcastic, even nasty, comments.  My belief has been shattered and I am fighting back.  Not that it does much good.  They don't read hate mail either.