picking up where I left off...

I know I came across several blog ideas that I must deal with but I have to tell you something first.  I have been restored to my balcony!  Or rather, my balcony has been restored to me!!  The board has been taken off the door and I can go outside. No furniture, of course, but I have a light rattan sun lounge that wouldn't go anywhere so I've dragged it outside and when I finish with you, I am going to sit out there and possibly stay until dark. 

No plants, no candles, no amenities, but who cares? The sun and air are there and soon I will be, too. I suppose it's too late to do anything about plants.  I don't like fall mums. I lost my 4-year-old Virginia creeper; there was just no place to put it inside.  I wonder if it's possible to grow wiser on a balcony?  I love wisteria.   Oh, look at what spell-check did to me - wondering if it's possible to grow wiser, instead of wisteria.  I hope so.  Give me enough sun and air - and water? - something wet, anyway, and I will grow wiser by the minute. 

Anon, anon.