I'm home, with additions

Yes, I'm  home, but I have to talk to my mentee in a few minutes and I have to be brilliant for her;  I will return shortly and be brilliant (hah) for my blogees.


Anon, anon....

Home is very busy: there are workers plastering the walls where the former occupants had wall air conditioners.  They have been removed, leaving large holes and now the holes are being filled in - making a mess, of course. I have used the time well, sitting at what I call my Paper Desk (as opposed to my Computer Desk), going through files and clippings and follow-ups that I have to deal with.  The pile of paper is reduced but now I have to write the letters and file stuff.  What did people do before paper?

I endured the weekend without Kleenex. Kate's house was out of it and she had no time to shop and we were nowhere near a drugstore, so I used paper towels and toilet paper.  Does anyone remember Romancing the Stone?  - the movie with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.  She was a writer and the opening scene had her finishing a book and weeping at her own good writing and being unable to find anything to wipe her eyes and nose.  No toilet paper, paper towels, nothing.  As I say, what did people do before paper?  

Oh, the random thoughts that emerge from an ordinary day!  And BTW, I found a number of clippings labelled Blogs, so there are thoughts to come.....

(Don't talk to me about handkerchiefs. I've written thoughts about them on some other paper somewhere...)