here I am

Did you miss me?  

Yesterday was even worse: I could not get on WiFi.  And my daughter had trouble getting our boarding passes for our return flight. Turned out that her daughter, staying over as we were, for the birthday celebrations, had turned off something while she recharged or something.  Who knows?  Anyway, we got our boarding passes and I said i'd wait until I got home to write a blog. I've had a lot of blog ideas.  I think I saved one, if I can find it....

Yes, here it is:  BLOG for August 10, 2014

I’m still away and the WiFi in this house doesn’t like me.  Sometimes but not always I can receive; no time I can send.  I’ll write something in a Word document and enter it in my cobweb log when I get home so I can e-mail it. I have a lot to say, a lot to tell you, a lot to think about. I may have to make a list:

I  heteronym

I’ve been trying to find out the name of this word play  and examples of it, and  my (oldest) granddaughter found it for me this weekend.

Just to be clear....

A heteronym is “each of two or more words that are spelled identically but have different sounds and meanings, such as tear meaning “rip” and tear meaning “liquid from the eye.”  Different ones come to mind, never enough of them, but  I like entrance(way in and enchant) and desert (abandon and a dry place).  It’s the kind of  nym  that you can play with while waiting for a bus or a doctor.

2 paronym

Paronym is nice, too, but not as challenging: “a word that is a derivative of another and has a related meaning: “wisdom” is a paronym of  ‘wise.”

 Of course, you all know synonym and homonym and antonym, so we won’t go into those right now. Have fun.

 See ya.


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