Today i am going to catch up with some of my noodges.  The best thing about putting them off is that as long as they stay in the things-to-be-done pile, they remain possibilities. Once  I have written the note, made the query, left a message and nothing happens, there goes the possibility of a response and a return; there goes hope.  Why won't people answer their mail?

In any form.  With email now it's easy to push return. Just say no or stuff it or go do something anatomically impossible to yourself but push the button.  Let me know.  These days I guess silence means no.  Perhaps I can understand the silence in the case of an unsolicited request or query. But I'm not the only one who is not receiving the courtesy of an answer.  I'm not the only one standing out here with egg on my face.  Others tell me that silence reigns over legitimate, documented concerns that absolutely require a response and action, and within a reasonable time frame. 

Anyway, knowing this, bearing it in mind, nevertheless today I am going to write some queries and some pitches. After they've been sent out, and nothing happens, then I'll have to think of something else to pin my hopes on.

Why doesn't anybody write?