double entry bookkeeping

This is ridiculous.  I keep a diary which is an amalgam of an appointment book, a reminder, a daily record and a bleat book.  I also, as you know, keep a blog, a semi-private account of events, thoughts, ideas and prattle about whatever is uppermost in my mind at the moment.  Is it a moment of truth or a moment of reckoning or a moment of maundering?  It depends on the moment.  But now, now I am overdue for a generic letter.  

Most people write a printed generic letter once a year at Christmas to save hand-writing the same information over and over again.  I did, too, but then I  began to add informal catch-ups to a small list of friends who don't have computers, hence, no e-mail.  This communication gradually enlarged to become a monthly or bimonthly "generic" (like generic drugs, less overhead) letter and I sent it out on email as well.  One size fits all, with space at the top or bottom of the printed page for a hand-written greeting.  That worked well until I added the blog and now I am working on some new pieces for my still-unfinished book.  So it's a lot of writing.

I have a horror of repeating myself, a real danger these days with cut-and-paste so easy to do. A repetition actually slipped past me and the copy- and proof -readers in one of my books. It's easily done.  By the time you've read your stuff so many times as you cut and polish, cut and paste, cut and hope for the best, it becomes increasingly difficult to remember if, where and when you've seen the material before. That's not the danger here.  The danger is dearth. 

What with diary and Day-Timer and blog and book, what am I going to write in a generic that I haven't already said?  It's a challenge. I'll see what comes up.  As the saying goes: how do I know what I mean until I see what I say?  We'll see.  So will you.