ready for another recipe?

I'm going to visit friends at a lake again today and I cook both for them and for me. I cannot throw anything away so I cook stuff that might spoil and either take it with me or freeze it.  So here is a favourite of the people I am visiting, prepared for them on purpose:


Wash  the fennel, cut off the bottom tough part and chop off the arms.  Keep out any with fronds; fronds are very decorative.  Now slice the fennel downwards, not too thick, if the slices are wide, cut them in half, lengthwise. Chop the arms into half inch discs .  Heat oil in a roasting pan and add the fennel along with several slices of cooking onion, or red, if you prefer.  Stir and brown lightly, adding sliced garlic, optional   Optional means it depends how I feel and what else I'm cooking that day.  Stir in a few stingy spurts of Sriracha sauce and add some quartered tomatoes, or halved grape tomatoes or Romas, whatever.  Stir and mix well, and transfer to a pre-heated 375 F oven and roast for about half an hour, stirring once or twice.   Remove from oven and add a can of white beans, drained,  stirring gently.  Sprinkle the fronds artistically (?) over the surface. This serves about six as a side dish.  Or you can use it as a main dish because there's protein in the beans.  It's low-fat and good for you.

You can serve immediately or divide and freeze or give some away. That's how my friends got to taste it and like it so much.