Some one has to invent a new superlative. Every week a new book is touted as THE best book of the century; heart-stopping, stunning, overwhelming. If you read only one book this year, let it be this one.  I hate to be brow-beaten.  But maybe these days a little brow-beating is necessary. There are so many books being published, how can one choose? I do wonder how publicists can manage to come up with the superlatives and the brow-beating week after week. Do they believe it? Do they mean it?  Does it have any effect? 

My real question is, who is influenced by the superlatives?  Is anyone so open to suggestion?  Is anyone just looking for the book of the century, this week?  I'm sure that the people who read the book reviews where the ads appear must have an agenda of their own.  I can see browsing in a book store, but not on the review pages.  One goes to them to learn, not to be cajoled into submission. 

I think I will try to track the progress of one or two books what have received the star treatment and see what happens to them.  I'll get back to you, or vice versa?