all is (almost) forgiven

First, Pollyanna's boyfriend's name is Jimmy Bean. Second, thank you for the jokes. They didn't help as much as the sunshine.  I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, a walk in the sun, and even though the temperature is still below normal for this time of year, I enjoyed it.  You know that song of John Denver's, may he rest in peace: "Sunshine almost always makes me happy/Sunshine almost always makes me high."  I think that's how it goes.  It's a healthy kind of high.  Beats a martini.  The humorous writer Russell Baker said you should never drink a martini more than 50 feet from your own bed. I think it was also he who said there is about as much happiness in a bottle of wine as anyone can bear.  Something like that.  Well, when the sun goes over the yardarm, what can you do?

I had to stop then because my mentee was calling.  I've told you about the mentorship program I'm in.  I'm finished now,  I mean not finished, you know, but the session is over.  The entire project is forcing me into total recall.  More anon.  I'm going back into the sunshine.