I slept in this morning, until twenty after six.  So I was a little late into the pool - by twenty to eight.  Someone came into the pool.  (The earlier I swim the more I own the pool, have it all to myself, to think and swim.  I call it wet meditation.) Anyway, we had a great conversation, about a number of different thing, some of them very useful to me.  But here's a bonus.  My neighbour (he and his wife live on thes same floor as I do) is not a reader, he says, but a film buff.  However, he devours novels by Wilbur Smith. Who?  I hadn't heard of Wilbur Smith. Of course, I Googled him and discovered he is my age and a fantastically productive writer (also a hunter, adventurer and, between wives, womanizer).  Well, you can look him up. One of the real advantages of our current technology is the ability to be a polymath without any effort.  You are as good as your Wifi.

Anyway, here's a tidbit I picked up from some of the good advice Smith had been given as a writer.  It's a line by Rudyard Kipling:

                  "Fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds worth of distance run." 

Wow.  Keep blogging.