does one ever get A+?

I've known all my life that I have to justify my existence each day, as I was taught by my father.  I just realized what I sort of knew all along, that I also have to get good grades.  I'm doing a lot of fiddley work today (I hate fiddleys), and I was thinking as I went along, well, that wasn't too bad, or I could have done better at that, or (often) how could I be so stupid?  I was grading my performance, the dispatch of my various tasks. Who's counting?  

Well, I guess I am.  And then at the end of the day, even when I have done quite well, it's never quite enough, especially these latter days, because I get tired before I'm finished. I also guess that on the whole this is very good for me, healthy, in fact, keeps me on my toes.  I just looked up that tired expression.  I know what it means but I wonder where it comes from.  Oh dear, another search.  You see, I let myself in for fiddleys, no, I go out of my way for them.

Well, it's a lovely day for them and I'm doing quite well, so far.  I hope you are, too.