so many things....

It's not that I don't have anything to say.  I have too much. The Icelandic National League annual meeting was rife - that's not a good word, it sounds pejorative, and it was all far from unwelcome. Ideas abounded and I have to choose among them for what I want to do. Oh, and people! Such interesting people.  So I'll have to choose.

A committee is being, has been, set up to collect and digitalize old manuscript diaries, journals, letters, documents of the Icelandic immigrants to Manitoba.   Collecting will be the hard part: finding what's lying in boxes and trunks, in attics and basements someone's papers that perhaps out of neglect or indifference have been abandoned and left to dry up, wither or mould.  I don't think Craig's List or e-Bay can help. I find this scavenger hunt very exciting.  I love diaries and journals, have written a book about women's diaries (Reading Between the Lines: The Diaries of Women) and I would love to study some of this material and write about it.  I'll find out more.

I finally sat down to talk to the writer, Joan Eyolfson-Cadham,  just stepping down as editor of Logberg-Heimskringla, the Icelandic newspaper published bi-weekly in Winnipeg.  She is a Story-teller among other things and we will be sharing, that is I will be the beneficiary of her knowledge.  So of this, more anon.

So blessed!