suggestions welcome

I was thinking as I swam this morning of the different forms applied to residents of a city, such as (my favourites), Glaswegians for those who live in Glasgow and Haligonians for citizens of Halifax.  (Note: my Spelcheck never heard of that one.)  Then there's Vancouverites for people in Vancouver, and Winnipeggers  (Winnipegosians for Winnipegosis)?),  Edmontonians, Torontonians and Montrealers. But who lives in St. John or St.John's? San Franciscans, sure, but what do we call Los Angelians? (Aliens?) Are all the people in Texas merely Texans? I guess Houstonites and San Antonians are okay but what about the people who live in Dallas or Austen?  It's fine for New Yorkers and Bostonians but Minneapolites?  Londoners and Dubliners are easy but I never heard of Belfasters. That must be right, though; look at Berliners. Do the good people of Frankfort get called hot dogs?  I finished my swim and went on to other profound thoughts.   Maybe Wikipedia can help, but feel free.